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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Holidays are usually a time we all look forward to seeing family and friends. Without a doubt, the holidays are a season to be jolly with so much joy from the family reunions, plenty of good meals and moments of sharing thoughtful gifts and showing love to those within and without. However, one underlying truth behind all of these activities during the holidays is the fact that the holiday comes with so much stress. This kind of stress, which is different from the pressures of school or office, is still stress. So, amidst the long-awaiting thrills of the holiday seasons, here are some helpful ways to manage stress during the holidays.

1.Take Shortcuts

You may say that shortcuts are usually the wrong way to go. Well, when it comes to cutting down on things like sending cards/messages, seeing people, and baking cakes, you can employ shortcuts to avoid being ragged. You can send a common goodwill message to different people without a personal note, and the same goes for cakes. I am not sure anyone will get enraged that you bought a cake from the bakery instead of baking one from scratch for them. This is one way to tone down your level of activities which may lead to stress during holidays.

2.Eat, Drink, and Spend in Moderation

Yes, it is a time to eat, drink and give to others as much as you can. Well, moderation should come in all you do during this time. This is important because so many people overdo holiday parties and giving which seamlessly drag them into lasting stress of debt, weight gain and regrets even long after the holiday is gone. Finding affordable gifts keeping your merry within budget can save you so much on stress during and after the holidays.

3.Keep a Working/Activity Plan

Penning down your plans for the holidays is an excellent way to keep your activities under strict monitoring. Once you keep a time management plan, you can easily tell when you are spending so much time in a party or when you arebuying more than you need for a holiday. Remember, spending so much time ina party means more to eat and drink, and this you can tell have a way of addingan extra pound to your waistline and also stressing you out.4.PracticeGratitude

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