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  • What is a My Bodee Scan body scan?
    My Bodee Scan is a 3D Health Screening Assessment that uses artificial intelligence to predict body fat directly from your waist, hip, and anthropometric measurements. No need to schedule hydrostatic weighing or a DXA scan; Styku is a precise and reliable way to predict lean and mass, bone mass, lean muscle mass, visceral fat, more.
  • How accurate is a My Bodee Scan scan?
    My Bodee Scan scans offer a simple and user-friendly way to assess body composition, with an accuracy rate that is generally within 2% of DEXA scans. Although they may not be as accurate as DEXA scans, My Bodee Scan scans provide a fast, easy-to-use, and radiation-free alternative for tracking changes in body composition over time
  • What do I wear to My Bodee Scan? How to Dress for My Bodee Scan?
    Most men scan in bare chest and compression underwear short pants / athletic base layer / brief or tight boxer Most women wear a compression top (sports bra and/or athletic tank top) and compression bottom (shorts, capris or full length pants) or panties Why dress this way? The goal is to allow the scanner to get your exact measurements. More clothes mean more inches. TIPS: • If you still do not know what to wear for the scan, contact me prior to your appointment. • You will be in the room along so undress to your comfort. FULLY UNDRESSED IS PROHIBITED. • Step on the scanner and follow the directions. DO NOT MOVE when scanner starts. • When the scanner stops, step off, get dress and then open the door. • Only you and the scanner technician will see your immediate results. We do not share your scan with any person or entity. If you have any other questions/concerns, let us know. Eager to let you Visualize Fitness in 3D.
  • How does My Bodee Scan differ from other body scans?
    Make tables using this info... - - Body fat prediction basics Despite what you may have heard, body composition analyzers do not measure body fat %! Calipers measure skinfold thickness to determine body density. Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzers (BIA devices) measure electrical resistance. The dunk tank measures water displacement to determine body volume. Styku measures body circumferences. However, all of these devices are able to make a prediction about body composition indirectly, using equations that compare one measurement to another. For example, when you measure skinfold thicknesses with calipers and input the values into the Jackson & Pollock equation, you will end up with a value for body density. That value can then be input into another equation (perhaps Siri, or Brozek) to get an estimate of body fat %. You can learn more about the method for creating the body composition equations here: Read Styku's research paper for Styku Phoenix
  • Does My Bodee Scan use raidation to conduct the body scan?
    No radiation is used and the scan is totally safe on you and the environment.
  • Is the sensor harmful or invasive? Can I scan if I have a pacemaker?  Can I scan if I am pregnant?
    The IR light coming from the sensor does not affect human tissue, and won’t affect people with pacemakers or other medical conditions. It is safe to be exposed to and even look at. Think of it like a flashlight emitting light, just in a wavelength we as humans can’t really see with our eyes. Other devices that use the same kind of light are remote controls, cordless PC mice, baby video monitors, and various smartphones. The sensor is classified as a Class 1 Laser, which is “safe under all conditions of normal use”, and is the safest of all laser classes :
  • Is My Bodee Scan HIPPA compliant?
    YES. Know as HIPPA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act does the following: - Mandates industry-wide standards for health care informaiton on electronic billing and other processes. - Recues health care fraud - Requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health informaiton. MyBodeeScan too neccessary steps to ensure the securoty of you name, information and electric billing. Also some scan will be used for marketing, no identification will be assoicated with images.
  • Can I pay for MyBodeeScan using my FSA, HSA or HRA?"
    Yes. Wellness scans are eligible for reimbursement with flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA), and health reimbursement accounts (HRA). NOTE: They are not eligible for reimbursement with dependent care flexible spending accounts and limited care flexible spending accounts (LCFSA).
  • Can I book MyBodeeScan for a special event?
    YES! MyBodeeScan will come out to your office, place of worship, health event, bar, group meetings, etc. for a short-term event. Book an event here. We also provide special event training sessions e.g. large/small group training, private training, and nutritionist seminars. Services
  • How are Workouts Defined in the Fat-Loss Calculator?
    0 Workouts/Week - Sedentary Little to no regular exercise. 1-2 Workouts/Week - Light Exercise Intensive exercise for at least 20 minutes 1 to 3 times per week. This may include such things as bicycling, jogging, basketball, swimming, skating, etc. If you do not exercise regularly, but you maintain a busy life style that requires you to walk frequently for long periods, you meet the requirements of this level. 3-4 Workouts/Week - Moderate Exercise Intensive exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes 3 to 4 times per week. Any of the activities listed above will qualify. 5-6 Workouts/Week - Heavy Exercise Intensive exercise for 60 minutes or greater 5 to 7 days per week (see sample activities above). Labor-intensive occupations also qualify for this level. Labor-intensive occupations include construction work (brick laying, carpentry, general labor, etc.). Also farming, landscape worker or similar occupations. 7 Workouts/Very Heavy Exercise Exceedingly active and/or very demanding activities: Examples include: (1) athlete with an almost unstoppable training schedule with multiple training sessions throughout the day (2) very demanding job, such as shoveling coal or working long hours on an assembly line. Generally, this level of activity is very difficult to achieve. The Fitness Tab relies on the Revised Harris-Benedict Equation (1984) for its prediction of caloric expenditure at different activity levels. Examples of what kind of activity constitutes an activity level according to Harris-Benedict are listed below (Source) :
  • How does the Calorie Calculator Work?
    The calorie calculator page gives you an estimate on the calories needed to lose the fat outlined in the goals page. The BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is an estimate of the amount of calories burned at rest. The Revised Harris Benedict Equation 1984) is used to estimate BMR. This equation uses a person’s height, weight, age & gender to make the BRM estimate. Caloric expenditure is the amount of calories burned based on your activity level. The “workouts per week” value we set in the fat loss calculator is used to calculate an estimated caloric expenditure. The more workouts and higher target burn rate, the higher the caloric expenditure. The energy balance method estimates that a person must burn or expend 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. The only way to lose fat is to exercise and also to manage the amount of calories consumed. By keeping our caloric intake under our caloric expenditure, we create a calorie deficit. The caloric deficit is the caloric expenditure minus the caloric consumption. The deficit determines the Goal Date. We can personalize the client's caloric intake by clicking on the personalize tab in the small box, and using the caloric consumption slider to edit how many calories you want your client to consume per day. The less calories consumed, the higher the caloric deficit & the closer the goal date will be achieved. The personalize box also keeps the client accountable as it shows that if they are not eating right, it will take longer to reach their goal.
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