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Stop Making Excuses

If you want to age better, you must stop making excuses. You know what I’m talking

about. It’s that little voice in our head telling us things like we deserve to indulge in our

favorite food because we’ve had a challenging day or it’s too cold to get out and go to

the gym. We all have that little voice in our head and a choice to either listen to it or

ignore it. Ignoring that little voice and not making excuses isn’t easy, particularly in the

beginning but as you start to ignore it more, the softer that little voice gets.

Here’s what it comes down to. Anytime you listen to that little voice or make an excuse,

you’re letting yourself down. It’s time to stop doing that and be honest with yourself.

Realize what you’re doing is sabotaging your success. Now we all know that life

happens. Even when you’ve been on track for quite some time, you can get derailed.

You get sick, you go on vacation, you attend multiple celebrations, and so on. The

reason really doesn’t matter as much as you get back to a routine as quickly as


When life happens, and it will, keep pushing forward. Make the effort to do what you

can. Do little things to help you keep on track. Things like walking around during phone

calls, a 15-minute mini-workout, doing some simple stretches before bed, pre-planning

snacks or a few meals each week. Little things like this will add up. Every little bit helps

and every small step in the right direction is progress.

So, stop making excuses - you are worth the work it takes to add life to your years!

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