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Stop Overdoing It During The Holidays

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

The holiday season can be a great time with family and friends, sharing meals and exchanging gifts. It also can be a time of stress and overdoing it – psychological and economical.

Here are a few tips on how to better handle the holidays and avoid overdoing it:

Rushing during Holidays
Rushing during Holidays

Make a list

Not all gifts are created equal! The same goes for the people you’re gifting.

Make a primary list of family and friends (gifts: electronics, expensive tickets, etc.), and a secondary list of acquaintances (gifts: anything under 20 bucks).

Budget your holidays

I know this might seem like a buzz killer, but trust me, it’s the most effective way. With a written budget you are less likely to over-spend and be much happier when the bills come due.

Put your Christmas funds on a Re-loadable Debit Card

Having a prepaid debit card is always a good idea for internet or spur-of-the-moment purchases. If the card is hacked they can only get access to the funds that are on the card instead of hacking your bank debit card where they will have access to your bank account and private information. Load the card with the funds you have set aside for Christmas, and along with your list, you will be able to buy for all your friends and family while staying in your budget.

Ask a family member or friend to keep you accountable

If you’re a known over-spender, ask a family member or friend to hold you accountable.

Just relax!

The holiday season is supposed to be a happy time, don’t stress, relax! If you catch yourself getting angry or impatient take some deep breaths and remind yourself to be happy that you have the opportunity to buy gifts, cook, see your children in school performances, and all of the other stressors that may come with the holidays. Be in the moment instead of thinking about all the other tasks that need to be done. Great everyone with a smile and you will be surprised how fast the stress will lift.

Remember what matters the most.

There is nothing like being with your family and friends, eating your favorite food; it’s what really matters; nothing else. Keep this in mind. Live every moment to the fullest.

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