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Dear Virtual Fitness Students – PUT ON YOUR WEBCAM!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Voice from a fitness instructor teaching on Zoom…

I sat down with one of our instructors to get a better understanding of how virtual fitness is going. She was eager to make the switch to virtual fitness earlier this year, and has continued to hold her classes online.

She told me how he offers the students words of advice like attend the classes consistently, stay positive and above all else though, keep your webcam on. Your webcam is the only thing keeping the live virtual session from becoming a basic instructional YouTube video.

So why is it a big deal? For the instructor, looking at black boxes with names on them is hard as an instructor keep her excitement and enthusiasm. This preventable effort can lead to a less productive fitness class. Also over a webcam, instructors can gauge the class’s momentum and address any concerns, including accommodating workouts with equipment replacements or different levels of exercise. Last but not least, instructors can watch to make sure students are doing the exercises properly and aren’t in danger of hurting themselves.

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