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MyBodeeScan : How to Dress

Here are tips on how to dress for a more successful bodee scan

Most men scan in bare chest and compression underwear short pants / athletic base layer / brief or tight boxer

Most women wear a compression top (sports bra and/or athletic tank top) and compression bottom (shorts, capris or full length pants) or panties

Why dress this way?
The goal is to allow the scanner to get your exact measurements. More
clothes mean more inches wrongfully added to your scan.

How to Prepare your Hair

Hair needs to me off the need.  Best hair style is a ponytail on top of head.


  • If you still do not know what to wear for the scan, contact us prior to your appointment.

  • You will be in the room along so undress to your comfort. FULLY UNDRESSED IS PROHIBITED.

  • Step on the scanner and follow the directions. DO NOT MOVE when scanner starts.

  • When the scanner stops, step off, get dress and then open the door.

  • Only you and the scanner technician will see your immediate results.

We do not share your scan with any person or entity.


If you have any other questions/concerns, let us know.
Eager to let you Visualize Fitness in 3D

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