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MyBodeeScan helps patients to see body scan as a health indicator in a motivating way in South Central

United States.


Nov 30, 2019: United States, MyBodeeScan, leading 3D body scanning mobile service provider, is now conducting 3D body scanning in South Central United States, the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. 


MyBodeeScan is working with the primary source of wellness in these communities, allowing patients to see health indicators in a new and more motivating way and thereby, enhancing their health.


These have led to the success of services provided and programming with a great customer base. MyBodeeScan has also integrated technology and wellnesses, to help some of the smaller communities get body scans. 


MyBodeeScan has added value to its clients through expanding their knowledge in the fitness sector, the benefits of body scan for good health, and also showcasing its advanced technology which has been a very interesting experience to its patients the South Central United States.


For more information on MyBodeeScan, please visit


About MyBodeeScan


MyBodeeScan is a mobile service within the fitness industry that performs 3D body scans in seconds. MyBodeeScan extracts millions of measurements, with 2mm accuracy, to calculate body fat percentage with incredibly high precision. MyBodeeScan provides body composition, risk analysis, and customized wellness programs that are used by personal trainers, fitness clubs and health and wellness managers in corporate settings.

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