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MyBodeeScan coming to the Koder Fitness and Performance

No-Touch 3D Fitness Body Scan Measures Lean and Fat Mass, as well as Bone Mass.


June 11, 2020—Dallas, Texas: Starting July 1, 2020,  MyBodeeScan, a touch-free 3D

fitness body scanning technology, will provide Koder Fitness and Performance clients

with a precise and reliable way to predict lean and fat mass, as well as bone mass.

Koder Fitness and Performance, located in the Highland Park area, focuses on exercise

prescription and nutrition intervention, which makes MyBodeeScan an ideal service

add-on. Koder Fitness and Performance will be able to better understand each client’s

unique body composition and work toward prescribing the best exercise and nutrition


Joshua Koder, owner of Koder Fitness and Performance is excited about this new offering.

“This is exactly what the members need as they re-enter the gym environment and

re-access their goals,” he explains.

Koder Fitness and Performance also has a professional golf trainer providing golf fitness

and instruction and a medical massage therapist providing neuro-muscular therapy and

stretching. MyBodeeScan will provide each trainer and massage therapist with the ability

to provide more customized and targeted services to every client.

Managing Director of MyBodeeScan Malin Taylor shares, “While we work mostly with large organizations, we know how important it is to make our technology available to small businesses, especially during this reopening of commerce due to the pandemic. Our service provides small facilities like Koder Fitness and Performance with the leverage they need to be more competitive in this new fitness and wellness environment.”

MyBodeeScan uses artificial intelligence to predict body fat directly from the waist, hip, and anthropometric measurements without the use of radiation which makes the process safe for all including heart patients, pregnant women, and some cancer patients. To get MyBodeeScan at Koder Fitness and Performance, please visit For information on MyBodeeScan and availability in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, please visit


About MyBodeeScan
MyBodeeScan is a mobile service within the fitness industry that performs 3D body scans in seconds. MyBodeeScan extracts millions of measurements, with 2mm accuracy, to calculate body fat percentage with incredibly high precision.   MyBodeeScan provides touch-free, self-guided, non-invasive body composition, risk analysis, and customized wellness programs that are used by personal trainers, fitness clubs, and health and wellness managers in corporate settings. To learn more, please visit


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