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MyBodeeScan recognized as the only Mobile body scan in Town of Addison North                   



‘‘We Come to You’’ services increased engagement with 26%


Sept 30, 2019: North Texas, MyBodeeScan, Dallas-Fort Worth's leading 3D body

scanning mobile service provider was recognized in Town of Addison Outdoors as the

only Mobile body scan service in that area.


My BodeeScan received recognition due to the “We Come to You” services, which allows MyBodeeScan to service companies' wellness events, community health fairs even sorority and fraternity friendly competitions with the 3D body scans.

MyBodeeScan has been able to showcase its advanced technology and benefits to the fitness world, provided convenient services and awareness to 3D wellness, which is one of its goals.


Despite the big box gyms having scanning equipment, there has been a 26% increased engagement from when a scan was conducted on-site versus client going to a gym. It has been recognized that clients would prefer easier service, by coming to them at their convenience instead of going to meet.  


Technology has helped in making things easier, MyBodeeScan has followed this technology trend and has improved the engagement with its clients in providing body scan. The success of our services and programming has been overwhelming and with this great client base, we are still expecting greater results.


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About MyBodeeScan

MyBodeeScan is a mobile service within the fitness industry that performs 3D body scans in seconds. MyBodeeScan extracts millions of measurements, with 2mm accuracy, to calculate body fat percentage with incredibly high precision. MyBodeeScan provides body composition, risk analysis, and customized wellness programs that are used by personal trainers, fitness clubs and health and wellness managers in corporate settings.

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