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Waist Analysis


In the health tool, we are looking at a person's waist circumference to see their likelihood of obesity-related disease. The World Health Organization and other agencies have performed extensive studies on over one hundred thousand people, measuring their waistlines through the course of their lives and recording their health. They have determined that waist circumference is a reliable indicator of risk for obesity-related diseases.

To put it another way, there is a high correlation between someone's waist circumference & their risk for obesity-related disease. Someone with a bigger waist will be at a higher risk since the waist is a large area that deposits fat.


The history of the person's scans is represented on a graph with date stamps on the horizontal axis.

Underneath the waist shape and history graph, there are two ranges showing a chart of the person's risk level. The first range shows how at risk of disease, someone depends on their waist circumference. Below is a graph showing a risk for disease based on the waist-hip ratio measurement.


Risk Analysis


A risk level is shown on this page. Based on the person's waist circumference, their estimated risk for a disease like cancer, cardiovascular, and respiratory disease are shown in the disease boxes. 

Keep in mind that these values are a representation of the statistical likelihood for diseases based on long-term studies done by the WHO (World Health Organization) & the NIH (National Institute of Health).

Risk Reduction Calculator

On this page, we can create an inch-loss goal with the client by moving the slider to the right. If you lose a certain amount of inches, your risk factors will go down. 

Knowing that your health and risk for dangerous diseases can be reduced through exercise and correct diet can be hugely motivating!

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